Tendon Infections

  • tendons are cords that connect muscles in the forearm and hand to the finger bones and which allow the muscles to move the fingers
  • tendons on the back of the hand and forearm straighten or extend the fingers.
    • these tendons run just under the skin and are visible through the skin on the back of the hand
  • tendons on the palm side of the hand and forearm bend or flex the fingers.
    • these tendons are deeper in the hand and fingers, and are held up against the bones by pulleys
  • tendons run in tubes, called tendon sheaths, which produce a lubricant that allows the tendons to slide back and forth
  • tendons, or their sheaths,  can become infected by lacerations or by puncture wounds. often caused by people trying to drain an abscess by poking it with a needle, which spreads the infection into the deeper tissues of the hand where the tendon sheaths lie.
  • tendon infections are characterized by pain and swelling along the tendon, and pain when moving the finger.
  • tendon infections usually require surgical drainage in the operating room, and IV antibiotics


  • an infection around the fingernail
  • if treated early, antibiotics should be sufficient
  • if neglected, can develop into an abscess that may require surgery


  • an infection in the skin, characterized by pain, swelling, redness, and heat
  • can often be treated with oral antibiotics, but may need IV antibiotics for more resistant infections

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Joint Infections

  • Joints are where the bones connect to each other
  • joints contain a lubricating fluid and are sealed from surrounding tissues
  • infections can occur via lacerations or puncture wounds
  • joint infections must be properly cleaned out to prevent permanent damage to the joint surfaces; small joints with minor infections may be cleaned out in the emergency room, whereas larger joints or more severe infections must be taken to the operating room for proper cleansing.


  • an abscess that develops under the pad of the fingertip
  • usually requires surgery to properly drain the abscess
  • if neglected, can spread to the joint or tendon sheath which then usually requires hospitalization and surgery.


  • a localized collection of pus under the skin
  • if squeezed, the abscess can rupture into deeper tissues, spreading the infection
  • if poked with a needle, the infection can be spread into deeper tissues by the needle tip
  • proper treatment usually involves minor surgery to open and drain the abscess, with dressings and antibiotics to prevent the abscess from recurring